San Diego Cake Club (Photo)


Cake history : Egyptians were the first culture to have acquired baking skills. The Oxford English Dictionary traces the English word cake back to the 13th century. French call it gateaux, the Germans torte. 

Very recently my family and I had the pleasure of eating Sacher torte in Vienna. The original recipe still remains a secret of the Sacher Hotel and Cafe. It contains a layer of apricot jam underneath the dark chocolate ganache icing. It is yummi-licious.

The pictures in this article are from a visit to the annual San diego cake club show. The club promotes cake decorating and confectionary arts. Artist all around the county come together to compete annually. They exhibit sugar arts, candy making, cookie decorating, flowers made from gum paste, marzipan or rolled fondant. It is a treat to the eye!

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