Crochet Beginnings (Photo)

Somebody once said, the secret to staying young is, to continuously try to learn a new skill. Very recently, when I decided to put my mind to learning how to crochet, I was immediately derided for doing something that old grannies do! Au contraire, having done a couple of simple wash cloth crochet pattern projects over the last few days, my gains have been pretty thrilling : I have managed to go past the chaining stage, hardest step to learn - believe me! I can actually sit down with an activity every night that gives me creative output, when not so long ago, I would pour over TV show selections, the viewing experience, would never come close to the satisfaction and happiness that I derive from learning a new craft instead. I have been able to connect to a striking individual at work, who is my crochet mentor. She transforms rolls of yarn into 'Amigurumi' - crochet stuffed animal toys for children. They are an absolute delight. I hope to create them soon! Of course, then the mind churns, and wonders, how do these crochet patterns, come into being in the first place ?

Could a computer decode a pattern from an image of a final crochet object?

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