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We are all intertwined and connected, if not by humanity, then definitely by the Internet. More and more efforts are made to attract visitors to websites, as players in this space track every click of the user.
Semantic Web, Artificial intelligence and the epic compute power, have yet to connect us in ways we humans and small groups of communities can with each other so naturally, organically and remarkably well.
Search engines of course are giving us ever increasingly relevant content. Among all these positive developments there is still a search burden involved. What if all content was well thought out, and filtered to be consumed effectively and meaningfully.


Having moved far away from my home India for many years, I have felt the need to reconnect in plausibly the same ways as I did in my home country. Growing up in India, life was less complex and surely slow paced. 

Life in the states, has seen many ambitious dreams come true. There is no denying.  Yet in the midst of the fast paced humdrum of living up to those dreams, an important part of what I left behind, seemed constantly lacking. I felt this longing to share ideas big or small with like minded people effectively and collaboratively. Today there are so many forums where people can connect through social networking sites, ideasAny is probably no different in its intent. It is a platform where startling ideas, feelings, observations, thoughts,  about any topic can be shared, with people who care to pay attention to stop and ponder. Somewhere in the inception, count of such people doesnt seem significant, neither does the fact that these ideas have to be viable business wise.

After two interesting years of developmental work, ideasAny comes to you all. We value original ideas. Simply put, an idea is something that starts in your mind, but could culminate into some thing of lasting value. Experience tells us that, that requires desire, time, energy and execution. Our articles, blogs yearn to enchant you -  to inspire you to try something different each day.


Spending many hours of coding by profession, I do travel a lot in my leisure time. Over the years I have visited many countries, cities, and small towns. Small towns are my favorite. There is always so much history and character about each new place I visit.  At ideasAny you will find curios, art objects from these travels, that you can buy. A percentage of the proceeds will go to charitable contributions. In fact, our users can upload rare and unique products they want to sell as well. We do prefer to host items that sellers create or make themselves.  Come join us in this gentle journey of connection, creation, creation of joy!

Have an idea, or a product, that you want to share? Watch this video.

Happy sharing!

Deepali Bhandari, Founder of ideasAny.