Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available for shipping?

Please note, currently we only ship in the US. We allow for standard and express shipping. After the order is complete, you will receive communication of the status of the order. Once the item is shipped, you will receive a tracking number in your email. Alternatively, you can always login into our site, if you are a registered user, to check the status of your order.

Who can upload?

In order to upload articles or sell items on you will need to register with Once successfully established, you will need to login as that user.

What you can upload?

Active users of ideasAny can upload items to sell or ideas that they would like to share with other users. We provide separate interfaces to do both. Please note in both cases, we reserve the right to not publish, based on our review and selection policies. We prefer that users post original ideas, or post items for sale which they have created. We believe all ideas are worthy of sharing, if they are original!

What you need to do to sell with ideasAny?

In order for you to sell with ideasAny following things need to happen. 1. You need to be registered user with ideasAny, you need to create an account with ideasAny. 2. You need to have a pay pal account and provide ideasAny the user id or email id that you use to register with pay pal account. 3. Once published, your items will be reviewed with ideasAny team and you will be notified by ideasAny, that it is ready for sale.

Do you allow mobile uploads?

At ideasAny, we believe that mobile devices are user friendly for browsing. Our interfaces will all you to upload but we recommend that to get best user experience you may use your desktop or a laptop computer. We believe that uploading is a multistep process, and thought needs to go into preparing for the upload. That said we are always looking for ways to improving our user experience.

What is the upload publishing lead time?

When you upload an item for sharing or selling we will receive an email notification. Following that we will review the material. Please allow our team 3-5 business days. If the material meets our guidelines we will publish it and send you an email confirmation.

Will you consider requests for republishing?

Yes. As long as the items for sharing or selling have been amended for our recommendations or any missing information, we would like to publish your items at ideasAny.